The Twig Lamp

I needed a lamp, but couldn't afford a new one, at least, not any that I really want. I love nature and especially trees. I happened to have on hand a bunch of small branches that I had cut last year for a project, but never got to it. Perfect, as they had thoroughly dried (don't ever use green or new cut wood for projects, it shrinks!).

I also had an old lamp that I took apart and used to make a new lamp. I had to cut the wires near the socket to get it out of the casing. And I had to buy a new socket ($5). All you need is a metal rod to thread the wire through, a wire with a plug, and a socket. You simply take the two wires that are split at the top and wrap each of them around each screw on the socket, then tighten.

To the left is the lamp with a different shade.

I got the nice lampshade (below) at Ikea on sale for $10 (I rarely go there, only for curtains, but happened to walk past the lamps). I had to add a ring to get the shade to fit, again, from the old lamp. I simply glued the sticks around the metal rod and stuck the socket at the top. I kept it long on purpose, I like the tree look :-)

Voila, my twig lamp. Total cost $15.

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