Crocheting simple slippers

A quick and easy way to make some warm slippers is to just crochet a simple double crochet rectangle. Chain as many stitches as your foot is long.
Then you gather the front part by weaving in and out and pulling together and then sewing up the front. Then stitch up the back part. I will post pictures when I finally dig out my camera.
That's all it is to warm comfy slippers for everyone. A great way to use up scraps. I bought a small ball (80g or 2.8 oz) of chunky wool lately for about $2 and had just enough to make a pair of slippers for my 16yo son.

Lesson Plan for Sunday School Teachers

I created a weekly lesson plan for Sunday School teachers because I couldn't find what I wanted online. This is for the LDS Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), but could really be used by any denomination.
I teach a bit unconventionally, I don't feel comfortable lecturing to kids and I am not a gifted teacher that way. I like more to have fun and sneak a little message in :-) I like interactive stuff, and I like listening to the kids. I currently teach 7-6 yos. They will be baptized when they are 8, so I am preparing them for that too.
I haven't a clue how to upload stuff available for others online, but I will give it a try.


I suffered from daily migraines for almost 10 years. Doctors convinced me it was hormones, and I will admit I do get them around my period, but what really triggers the worst migraines is certain foods. One day a friend called me and mentioned how she suffered migraines and she found it was caused by gluten. Gluten...what's that???? Well, she said, try cutting out all wheat products.
I really had nothing to lose, so I did. Within 2-3 days my daily migraines dimished almost completely. I still got them, but they weren't the knife-stabbing-through-the-left-eye ones where my face felt "numb".
They continued and I eventually, through elimination diets, found the cause to be dairy products, almonds and finally corn products. And believe me, corn products are in EVERYTHING. In Canada, glucose-fructose is corn sugar and IMHO, is evil :-) I just don't think you can mess with corn the way they have (dextrose, maltodextrin) and not upset some biological systems. Totally my opinion, based on my own research. If you suffer from certain recurring health problems, such as fibromyalgia, sinus infections, IBS, fatigue, etc...try cutting out wheat or corn products. You will be amazed at how much better you feel.
Personally, I believe that IBS is merely a food sensitivity, however, they can't sell a pill for that.

Free Compost

Want free compost? This is what I did...I went to the cafeteria at work and asked if they would save me their coffee grinds everyday. They supplied me with quite a few plastic containers with handles. I couldn't believe all the coffee grounds I collected! On an average day I collect 2-3 medium containers. I pick up the containers around noon or so, and keep them in my cubicle until I leave. They are sealed, so there is no odour. I carry them home, plop them into my compost bin, mix them up and that's it!

I am not picky, I make it easier on the staff and take the filters also, they quickly disintegrate. It does take a while for the staff to get used to saving rather than throwing out. And I let them know if I'm not going to be there. I have had a few "attitudes" from a few employees, but I use humour and tell them they are doing a great thing and they seem to be okay with that. Working in a cafeteria is a tough job and I appreciate their extra work.

People see me walking around the halls with these containers and I get some funny looks :-) Usually I tell them I'm carrying pig's feet (a French-Canadian traditional stew, is made from pig's feet and it is my favourite at Christmas) and it catches them offguard. Once a General stopped me (I am military) and asked me what in the world I was carrying every day. When I told her, she thought it was a very nice thing to do :-)
I am probably one of the few Mormons (we don't drink tea or coffee) who has a coffee-smelling garden :-)

Recycling Old Frames

At our church (LDS) we have a table where everyone puts things they no longer want for anyone to take for free. Last week, just in time, someone was giving away three very ugly (BG), matching brass frames (see pic, on the left). They were very sturdy, stand up types.

I took them home and spraypainted them to match the handles on my refurbished bedroom furniture. I covered the inside glass part of the frame with painter's tape, and reused it for all 3 frames.

The result were three matching, nickel coloured frames. They now sit on my dressers, and as soon as I find some great pics of my family, off to Walmart to have them processed for the frames!

Don't be afraid of spray paint, it doesn't clump and gives great results. I used Krylon Chrome for these.

Free decorator boxes

I think that a closet with matching boxes looks very nice, but the ones I have priced are way too expensive for me. So here is a simple solution to having matching boxes.

I get those sturdy boxes from work that paper is shipped in. What we used to call "xerox boxes" :-) I first paint them with primer (left over) and then paint them whatever colour I want or can find at Home Depot that people didn't like, called "oops" paint.

Here is the box:

And here is the finished product.

I don't know if the primer makes much of a difference, but I had some so I use it for a smoother finish. So far this box hasn't chipped and is actually stronger than the original. If you are really creative, you could put nice designs on it. I once took a similar both and covered it with left over material (shown here)

but honestly, it was a bit of a pain for this non-perfectionist and painting is waaaaaay easier.

Have fun!

Free Entertainment

We do not have satellite or cable television at our house. We watch mostly old tv shows on dvd anyways (Hogan's Heroes, Gomer Pyle, Odd Couple, Andy Griffith, Bless me Father, Quincy, Perry Mason).
I have discovered a wonderful, free and cheap entertainment! If you have an mp3 player, you need to download a software to load it (Itunes kept crashing so I use Winamp). You do not have to use Itunes if you have an ipod!
Then, you start looking for podcasts. These are basically free radio programs that are available on any subject. some are just people rambling on, but some are professionally produced. I listen to a lot of the BBC djs and their podcats, mainly Scott Mills and Jonathan Ross. They are hilarious.
But the real treat is to find old radio shows from the 1930's, 40's, 50's. These are called Old Time Radio and they are wonderful. My favourite series of all is Our Miss Brooks, like a aural sitcom of a school teacher and the people she encounters. They are so well written, you will forget that you can't see them and will be able to visualize it in your mind.
I also love all the Sherlock Holmes ones, especially with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. My other favourite is wise cracking Boston blackie, an ex-safecracker who helps people in need (usually they are unfairly treated by the police). "A friend to those who make him their friend, an enemy to those who don't".
The best however is the Lux Theatre shows. These were radio versions of famous movies presented by Cecil B DeMille, and often included the original actors. Movies like All about Eve (my favourite), It Happened One Night, The Thin Man (another favourite), The Awful Truth, Madame X,His Girl Friday...they are all there, acted out for radio. And it's free!
Who needs tv?!!!