The Reason for Being Here

A wattle fence was a fence built centuries ago (and today!) by ordinary people to protect themselves and their possessions. It was a simple concept--longer stakes were spaced apart and driven into the ground to begin the fencing. Then smaller branches were woven between these "stakes" and eventually formed a solid wall. An example of a wattle fence is shown on my blog banner (coming!). It cost nothing, but it involves a lot of work and gives a feeling of accomplishment.
This blog is about building your own wattle fence....and the symbolism involved. I began building my wattle fencing when I had absolutely no money to buy a "real" fence. But it wasn't just the money. I needed a time-out, a reason to be outside and out of the house, and a stress reliever. I needed physical labour with a practical result.
Whatever your reason for being here, my reason for sharing is to make your life richer and happier even though you are facing difficulties. These can be financial, physical, mental, spiritual, so many may be in an unhappy marriage, a difficult family relationship, or alone. It really doesn't matter, hopefully you will find something here to get you motivated and excited about life again and it shouldn't have to cost you a a fortune. Emphasis will be on using or reusing what you have already, or can get for free. It does involve work though, so roll up your sleeves and dig in!

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