Free decorator boxes

I think that a closet with matching boxes looks very nice, but the ones I have priced are way too expensive for me. So here is a simple solution to having matching boxes.

I get those sturdy boxes from work that paper is shipped in. What we used to call "xerox boxes" :-) I first paint them with primer (left over) and then paint them whatever colour I want or can find at Home Depot that people didn't like, called "oops" paint.

Here is the box:

And here is the finished product.

I don't know if the primer makes much of a difference, but I had some so I use it for a smoother finish. So far this box hasn't chipped and is actually stronger than the original. If you are really creative, you could put nice designs on it. I once took a similar both and covered it with left over material (shown here)

but honestly, it was a bit of a pain for this non-perfectionist and painting is waaaaaay easier.

Have fun!

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