The Round Garden

We used to have an above ground pool, but it became expensive to run and the kids were no longer interested in it. So we sold it, and I turned it into a garden. My round garden. A friend of mine has more land than me, and horses, and she let me have all the rich, black earth I wanted. I brought 2 trailer loads. I could have used more, but I was anxious to get planting!
I had a huge problem with ants, of course they loved the sand that was under the new soil (formerly under the pool). I heard from a local radio show of a "natural" ant killer, mix 1 part icing sugar with 1 part baking soda. It worked! They do eventually repopulate and come back, but I just add another application.
I can't grow anything too deep like carrots, because I don't have enough deep soil yet. But I use Ruth Stout's method of burying kitchen waste and compost in it, so hopefully in a few years, I will have better soil. In my former garden, I got a load of manure from a local farmer...big mistake! It was fresh manure and was full of weed seeds and I was never able to keep up with those weeds. I now buy my manure in bags, and add it to the compost along with some peat moss.

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