I suffered from daily migraines for almost 10 years. Doctors convinced me it was hormones, and I will admit I do get them around my period, but what really triggers the worst migraines is certain foods. One day a friend called me and mentioned how she suffered migraines and she found it was caused by gluten. Gluten...what's that???? Well, she said, try cutting out all wheat products.
I really had nothing to lose, so I did. Within 2-3 days my daily migraines dimished almost completely. I still got them, but they weren't the knife-stabbing-through-the-left-eye ones where my face felt "numb".
They continued and I eventually, through elimination diets, found the cause to be dairy products, almonds and finally corn products. And believe me, corn products are in EVERYTHING. In Canada, glucose-fructose is corn sugar and IMHO, is evil :-) I just don't think you can mess with corn the way they have (dextrose, maltodextrin) and not upset some biological systems. Totally my opinion, based on my own research. If you suffer from certain recurring health problems, such as fibromyalgia, sinus infections, IBS, fatigue, etc...try cutting out wheat or corn products. You will be amazed at how much better you feel.
Personally, I believe that IBS is merely a food sensitivity, however, they can't sell a pill for that.

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