Free Compost

Want free compost? This is what I did...I went to the cafeteria at work and asked if they would save me their coffee grinds everyday. They supplied me with quite a few plastic containers with handles. I couldn't believe all the coffee grounds I collected! On an average day I collect 2-3 medium containers. I pick up the containers around noon or so, and keep them in my cubicle until I leave. They are sealed, so there is no odour. I carry them home, plop them into my compost bin, mix them up and that's it!

I am not picky, I make it easier on the staff and take the filters also, they quickly disintegrate. It does take a while for the staff to get used to saving rather than throwing out. And I let them know if I'm not going to be there. I have had a few "attitudes" from a few employees, but I use humour and tell them they are doing a great thing and they seem to be okay with that. Working in a cafeteria is a tough job and I appreciate their extra work.

People see me walking around the halls with these containers and I get some funny looks :-) Usually I tell them I'm carrying pig's feet (a French-Canadian traditional stew, is made from pig's feet and it is my favourite at Christmas) and it catches them offguard. Once a General stopped me (I am military) and asked me what in the world I was carrying every day. When I told her, she thought it was a very nice thing to do :-)
I am probably one of the few Mormons (we don't drink tea or coffee) who has a coffee-smelling garden :-)

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